Our Water Our Land

Greetings from the Drake University Agricultural Law Center. I am pleased to share with you this 20th episode of Our Water Our Land. The topic today is a reflection on what may be missing in our approach to protecting our water and some thoughts on what we need to think about in moving forward.  As you recognize, filming this series has given me many opportunities to consider the progress we are making in our efforts to protect the water and land – and what may be some of the obstacles preventing us from making the type of progress many citizens would like to see.  As you will see, my conclusion is we have not spent enough time focusing on the values we are promoting – the why it is important to protect our water and our land.  Many people have an intuitive understanding of these reasons – but our failure to articulate them – helps make it easier for some to resist the changes that might be required.

As you may remember last week’s episode was about the exciting restoration of Lake Darling.  It is one of the great examples of how Iowa citizens can unite to take cooperative efforts to protect our water.  The Lake Darling episode provides a number of lessons we can learn.  This episode concludes by considering eight key elements we need as a foundation for our efforts.  Next week we will consider what the speakers and attendees at the SOIL 2018 conference had to say about how Iowa can shape a long-term vision for our water and land.  Thank you for your continued interest in this series – we would love to hear from you if you have comments or suggestions.  Take care – and enjoy the first day of Fall.  – Professor Neil  Hamilton, Drake University Agricultural Law Center