Iowa Heartland Resource Conservation & Development (IHRC&D) serves a six county region in central Iowa, Dallas, Polk, Jasper, Madison, Warren and Marion counties.  Our organization provides the latest news, information, project updates and resources for the central Iowa six county area.  Our mission is to provide, help and assist communities in achieving healthy social, economic and natural resource outcomes by improving lives, sustaining the environment and creating economic engines throughout the region.  In 1994, the Iowa Heartland Resource, Conservation & Development, Inc. was organized as a 501 (c)(3). Its goals and continuing objectives are to enhance rural areas and local communities by facilitating grassroots efforts and partnerships for conservation and sustainable development. We’re here to help you, your organization, business and community achieve and make a greater positive impact!

  • Program Areas

    Iowa Heartland RC&D offers a wide variety of programs and initiatives. IHRCD offers everything from Arts and Cultural opportunities to Historic Preservation information. To learn more about our wide variety of programs, click the link below.

    Program Areas
  • Breaking News

    In 2018 Iowa Heartland RC&D has been awarded a $5000 ArtsLab grant through the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and the Iowa Arts Council division in collaboration with Arts Midwest in Stability Grant funding. The overarching goal is to create new habits and patterns in organizations, building resilience in a complex and ever-changing environment.
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  • Current Projects

    County Wide Trail Master Plans Being Developed

    Iowa Heartland RC&D received two grants from the National Park Service in October of 2014, as well as approval to extend the projects for 2015, 2016 and 2017. The purpose of these grants is to develop trail master plans for Jasper, Madison, Marion and Warren counties, with the end goal of linking to the Central Iowa Trail network.

    We are in the final phase of developing the county wide trail plans. The hard surface and soft surface planning maps are done for each county and available on our website. We are now in the process of writing a plan to accompany these maps. Early next year we plan to present the completed plan to the County Conservation Board and Board of Supervisors for each county asking them to adopt it.

    For more information, contact Gay Lea Wilson, IHRC&D President, at GayLea@IHRCD.org

    Building Capacity for the Arts Culture & History

    In partnership with the Iowa League of RC&D, Iowa Heartland RC&D serves to improve our communities and stimulate economic development related to art, history and culture. Specialized assistance will be provided to local organizations (art councils, historic societies, cultural organizations) within our region. As part of this initiative, organizations are provided complimentary consulting services up to three hours from IHRC&D, information relating to funding opportunities and grants, and other services mutually identified.

    University of Iowa Partnership

    This is a collaborative effort with the University of Iowa in outreach & engagement efforts to provide technical assistance to cultural organizations. Areas of focus include conducting trainings to develop volunteer skills; develop strategic plans for your organization; assist with capacity building and fund raising/grant writing; and support regional art and/or cultural events.

    For more information on how you can get involved, contact Ann Wolf at Ann.Wolf@IHRCD.ORG or call 515.321.9070.